A little bit of this, a little bit of that

  • In “things that are awesome,” last week I attended a romance event at Word Brooklyn, an indie bookstore in Greenpoint. Three cool and very funny regency romance authors (Maya Rodale, Sarah McClean, and Kieran Kramer) talked about their latest releases and answered questions about their lives and their craft. It was really interesting hearing about their writing processes, their deadline-induced anxiety, and their interesting backstories (e.g., Kieran Kramer’s career with the CIA). It was my first romance event, and it was great to be surrounded by other people who are into the genre as much as I am. I hope they have another event soon!
  • I posted my completed stories on the site and…felt like a big loser. I have almost as many incomplete stories as I do completed ones! really trying to overcome my procrastination gene and get finish some of these suckers off so I can move on to the newer ideas that have been forming.
  • I was really giving some thought to attending the RWA conference this year since it’s in my hometown, but don’t think I’m going to be able to swing it since I have a few vacations planned this summer. I hope there will be opportunities for writers who can’t afford the conference to mix and mingle with the community. With so many things to do in Manhattan, it would be a shame if every event took place at the hotel!

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