Wow, I Haven’t Updated in A While

I guess all it takes for me to update my blog is someone on twitter alerting me that it isn’t even working. Oops! Totally forgot I stopped mid-segue to WordPress.

Anyway, I probably should update since it’s a bit disingenuous to have the most recent post be about rejection when my novel has been acquired! Hurrah!

My erotic romantic suspense, tentatively titled Eagle’s Heart, has been acquired by Loose Id! In this story, a Brooklyn school teacher trying to help an abused student gets pulled into trouble with the Albanian mafia—and into the arms of the hot agent looking to take them down.


I can’t wait to start editing! (Yes, I am a newbie author, why do you ask?)

In other news, NaNoWriMo has been my friend, and I’m almost done with my Historical Erotic Romantic Suspense. As I told twitter earlier, when thinking of how to describe my hero, I came up with: “a beta in the streets, an alpha in the sheets.” Apparently, the ladies like this. I will use this knowledge as fuel to drive me past 50,000 words this weekend.


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