July, 5, 2017 – Romancepodden Episode 34: Alyssa Cole is a Romance Timelord

June 18, 2017 – EMEPiper Episode 13: Interview with Alyssa Cole

March 31, 2017 – Smart Podcast Trashy Books Episode 240. Extraordinary Optimism Through History: An Interview with Alyssa Cole

Jan. 15, 2016 – Smart Podcast Trashy Books Episode 176. Romance Around the World: An Interview with Alyssa Cole




May 12, 2017- – Why This Romance Writer Decided to Tackle the American Civil War, After All


Oct. 2015 – Guest column in Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly (download here)

April 2015 – History in Color: A Black American Romance Roundtable – Interview with my The Brightest Day sisters at The Toast

Sept. 2015 – Included in The Mary Sue’s “10 Sci-Fi Stories Created by Women of Color

Sept. 2015 – Interview and Review in Urban Classy Magazine

August 2015 – Report from Romancelandia: The 35th Annual Romance Writers of America Conference – The Toast

May 2015 – Inside the Push for a More Diverse Romance Genre –

April 2015 – Included in Love is in the Air: 10 Romance and Erotica Favorites

February 2015 – Radio Silence listed as a Best Romance of the Month in Goodreads




September 2015 –  Arden and Gabriel: An Off the Grid short story | Carina Press – A peek at life for Arden and Gabriel, the heroine and hero of RADIO SILENCE (Off the Grid, book one), three years after the blackout.

June 2015  – Vulture Magazine – Erotica Writer Alyssa Cole Brings Crazy Eyes’ Time Hump Chronicles to Life – A special treat for fans of Orange is the New Black, Season 3.

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