A PRINCESS IN THEORY featured in the first New York Times Review of Books romance column (“…the prince takes the prize. Alyssa Cole’s A PRINCESS IN THEORY (Avon) is the best new romance I’ve read in a while.”), and was also featured in 11 Books We Recommend This Week (2/15/18).

AN EXTRAORDINARY UNION named Best Romance by the American Library Association!!

Vulture Interview – Alyssa Cole on Why Her Romance Novels Are Always Political. “In all of her work, Cole uses romance to engage with the real world, proposing hope amid turmoil. Now, she’s breaking into rom-com territory with a new series, Reluctant Royals.”

BookRiot Interview – WORLD-BUILDING IN ROMANCE: A PRINCESS IN THEORY. “One of my favorite things about A Princess in Theory is how much detail goes into showing the hero and heroine’s respective worlds…While it might seem counterintuitive to talk about world-building in contemporary romance, it’s one of this book’s (many) strengths. Alyssa kindly agreed to answer my questions about her process.”



February 20, 2018 – Lindsay Emory’s Women with Books: Chapter 16

January 12, 2018 – Smart Podcast Trashy Books Episode 281. Alyssa Cole and Alisha Rai: Romance and Resistance from Politics and Prose (Live Recording)

July, 5, 2017 – Romancepodden Episode 34: Alyssa Cole is a Romance Timelord

June 18, 2017 – EMEPiper Episode 13: Interview with Alyssa Cole

March 31, 2017 – Smart Podcast Trashy Books Episode 240. Extraordinary Optimism Through History: An Interview with Alyssa Cole

Jan. 15, 2016 – Smart Podcast Trashy Books Episode 176. Romance Around the World: An Interview with Alyssa Cole




Slavery Was No Opera – Public Books, 8/11/2017 – “Cole highlights female agency, desire, and vulnerability in the midst of intersectional trauma. She assembles the narrative elements of the romance genre around frank interrogations of love that cut across controversial racial and ethnic boundaries. Cole’s historical romances are at their best when imagining the interior lives of black women protagonists who are driven by both pleasure and pluck.”

May 12, 2017- – Why This Romance Writer Decided to Tackle the American Civil War, After All


Oct. 2015 – Guest column in Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly (download here)

April 2015 – History in Color: A Black American Romance Roundtable – Interview with my The Brightest Day sisters at The Toast

Sept. 2015 – Included in The Mary Sue’s “10 Sci-Fi Stories Created by Women of Color

Sept. 2015 – Interview and Review in Urban Classy Magazine

August 2015 – Report from Romancelandia: The 35th Annual Romance Writers of America Conference – The Toast

May 2015 – Inside the Push for a More Diverse Romance Genre –

April 2015 – Included in Love is in the Air: 10 Romance and Erotica Favorites

February 2015 – Radio Silence listed as a Best Romance of the Month in Goodreads

Free Stories

September 2015 –  Arden and Gabriel: An Off the Grid short story | Carina Press – A peek at life for Arden and Gabriel, the heroine and hero of RADIO SILENCE (Off the Grid, book one), three years after the blackout.

 June 2015  – Vulture Magazine – Erotica Writer Alyssa Cole Brings Crazy Eyes’ Time Hump Chronicles to Life – A special treat for fans of Orange is the New Black, Season 3.


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