The Reluctant Royals

Book 1, A PRINCESS IN THEORY  Amazon | Apple |Kobo
Book 2, A DUKE BY DEFAULT Amazon | Apple | Kobo

“Alyssa Cole is the newly coronated queen of contemporary royal romance! A Princess in Theory is delicious fun… a smart, funny heroine; a sweetly sexy prince; swoon-worthy romance; and an epic happily-ever-after. Long live the queen!” (Meg Cabot, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries)

“The prince takes the prize. Alyssa Cole’s A PRINCESS IN THEORY is the best new romance I’ve read in a while.” (New York Times Book Review)

“A delightful and sexy take on love between a suave African prince and a nerdy epidemiology student.” (Kirkus Reviews (starred review))

“Attention-grabbing from page one, this first book in the Reluctant Royals series will absolutely warm your heart. ” (RT Book Reviews (4 1/2 stars- TOP PICK)

“A funny, fast-moving, smart-alecky romance… A PRINCESS IN THEORY is pure fun. It will have you laughing, cringing and hooked from the start!” (Romance Junkies)


The Loyal League

Book 1, AN EXTRAORDINARY UNION Amazon | Apple | Kobo | B&N
Book 2, A HOPE DIVIDED  Amazon | Apple | Kobo | B&N

aeu A hope divided_rev

Praise for An Extraordinary Union:

Book Riot “Best Books of 2017 So Far,” Publishers Weekly “Best Romance of 2017,” Kirkus “Best Fiction of 2017,” Book List “Best Romances of the Decade”

“Alyssa Cole’s AN EXTRAORDINARY UNION is as extraordinary as the title suggests–riveting, romantic, and utterly remarkable.” —Courtney Milan, New York Times bestselling author

“With its richly detailed setting, heart-stopping plot, and unforgettable characters, An Extraordinary Union is everything you can ask from historical fiction. Alyssa Cole has taken an unforgettable hero, a uniquely resourceful heroine, and mixed them together for some truly combustible chemistry. Brava!”—Deanna Raybourn, New York Times bestselling author

“Alyssa Cole is just a wonderful storyteller, and she’s fast become one of my auto-buy authors. An Extraordinary Union is the perfect blend of history, adventure, and heart-stopping romance, with a courageous heroine you’ll love and a hero you’ll fall in love with. I read it in a single sitting, and my heart wants to go on living with these characters.”—Susanna Kearsley, New York Times bestselling author

“It’s both a romance and a spy novel, with a healthy dose of adventure thrown in, and it offers a nuanced portrayal of Civil War–era racial politics. Any reader who thinks romance novels are pure fluff will be schooled by Cole’s richly drawn characters, who must overcome generations of trauma in order to let themselves love each other.” —Kirkus starred review

“Cole’s sparkling gem of a romance portrays love at its most practical and sublime.” —Publishers Weekly starred review

“Cole spins a tale that will pull you in from the very first page.”—RT Book Reviews *five star* Top Pick review

Critically Acclaimed Historical Novellas

Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight – medieval Scottish romance – $0.99!
Amazon | Apple| Kobo | Nook

Be Not Afraid – Revolutionary War Romance
Amazon | Apple| Kobo | Nook

That Could Be Enough – post-Revolutionary War romance – f/f
Amazon | Apple| Kobo | Nook

Let It Shine – 1960s Civil Rights Movement Romance
Amazon | Apple| Kobo | Nook

Let Us Dream – 1917 Harlem-set suffragette romance
Amazon | Apple| Kobo | Nook


Off the Grid series
Amazon | Apple

**MIXED SIGNALS, winner of the RT Reviewer’s Choice Best Futuristic Romance of 2015!!**

Praise for the Off the Grid series:

“This is friends-to-lovers romance…but it’s in the science-fiction story line where Cole really shines. The setup of Mixed Signals seems eerily plausible, and the entwined love story will satisfy sci-fi and romance readers alike.”
—New York Times bestselling author Sarah MacLean, Washington Journal, Best Romances of November 2015

“This trilogy gets better with every book.” – Library Journal

“Cole’s Off the Grid series succeeds because it captures the unsettling details of its dystopian setting beautifully, but also because its main characters are so very human and relatable. …new readers would do well to start this imaginative, funny and surprising series from the beginning.” – RT Book Reviews

Now available in print!!

Standalone Works

EAGLE’S HEART (1/20/14, Loose Id)

AC_Eagles Heart_coverin

currently unavailable

SWEET TO THE TASTE (2/21/14, Wild Rose Press)


Amazon | Apple | Kobo

(available in print)

That Could Be Enough in Hamilton’s Battalion





13 thoughts on “Books

  1. Dear Ms. Cole I had both An Extraordinarily Union and A Hope Divided and loved them both.

    It was so inspiring and romantic, and hope you write another book in this series

  2. Hello!
    I just finished both Loyal League Books and my first thought was to write you a message and tell you how much you made me fall in love with your characters. And to be honest I couldn’t even decide which one I liked better, Ellen & Malcolm or Marlie & Ewan. Both couples were so lovely and you truly made me feel their connection, struggles and worries of that time. I can’t even try to imagine what it must have been at that sad period of time to live and survive in the US. It breaks my heart to even think of such inhumanity, injustice and cruelty. In europe we have our own part in history with Nazi germany, which still haunts us and makes me personaly more than often ashamed to be austrian.. I could totally relate to both Malcolm and Ewan who were ashamed and enraged that injust things were happening and that they tried to change as much as they could. And I could totally feel Ellen and Marlies desperation and fear to trust. To open your heart for someone when all the people around you tell you, you shouldn’t is not an easy thing. But you made me believe it and it felt so natural and realistic.
    I’m definetely recommending your books to my friends and collegues and I can’t wait to read more 🙂

    All the best,

  3. Hi Ms. Cole, I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVED An Extraordinary Union! It’s such an amazing novel. Being a biracial person myself, it was so nice and refreshing to read about an accurately protrayed interracial couple, as well as POC. Thank you for gifting us with your awesome talents and for providing us with such a great read!

  4. Just finished reading An Extraordinary Union and immediately south out more books by Alyssa Cole at my local library, couldn’t find anymore. You best believe that I will be buying another. This book was so good I couldn’t put it down. I love historic romances that picture non-traditional WOC. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. I actually bought the book, it was on Barnes and Noble, maybe a couple of weeks ago. It was seriously one of the best books that I have read in a long time, so I would really want to be updated whenever you are releasing more books.

    I left a five star rating and expressed how much I loved the book!

  6. Hi Ms. Cole, I came to your blog via Delaney Diamond and I am really interested in reading your book, Eagle’s Heart. I have the Nook from Barnes and Noble, and it does not appear on their site. Do you know if it will be released on their site? Thanks for your time.

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